Erotic Art

Marcius Hess

Marcius Hess

Everyone likes art or they wouldn't be here, oh yeah we like erotic art of course but this artist doesn't miss a curve or tone of flesh. The art is so real you can almost reach out and touch them to see if they move to your touch. Beautiful settings, almost like living sculptures. There is a luscious scene with two men being in the thralls of passion with the prettiest girl in ponytails. They fill her up in every way you can imagine. You can almost hear the waterfall it looks so real... oh no wait that was cum sliding down between her thighs and over her lips. She sure looks like she is enjoying herself. We might all fantasize of having sex outside but one of the women is placed on a scratchy tree trunk, 'ouch' but even so she must like that backdoor entry while her titties hang getting the breeze. It's cold out but she sure looks hot.


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